Advantages of dash cam for truckers

Dash camera that is referred to by many people as the dash cam is a camera that is fixed in the front or back of a car, truck, lorry etc. that records the interior actions and exterior actions of the vehicle. Recently the rate of accidents in trucks has increased and many arguments have been raised on the issue of having dash cams for trucks, many people believe it is way too expensive and does not worth to be fixed on a truck as it is not a runabout vehicle and can only be used for work alone but some truckers also feel the need for dash cams on board. Below are the advantages of dash cams for truckers:

Seven advantages of dash cam for truckers

Below are some of the numerous advantages of dash cam for truckers that are necessary and most are found to be very important in helping truckers in making a safe trip;

  • Ability to detect accident:- A very important characteristic of a dash cam in a truck is that it can help to detect a wrong move and can avoid an accident. A good example of this feature is a driver wants to park a truck, it has been noticed that accidents often occur when truckers try to park the truck, this is because the truck has a long body and it is difficult to park the long truck in a small parking space because the trucker will not be able to see the outside of the truck well. The ability of the dash cam to notice accident helps because when you are parking your truck, the dashcam will notify you of danger when the truck wants to hit an object and it will make the trucker to adjust and hereby stopping the accident.
  • Ability to help while claiming a right:- Nowadays, companies that deal in insurance are now more careful when they want to compensate a customer for loss, for this reason, they take a lot of measures to determine whether the loss is worth to be attended to. There are many reasons why the insurance company will not compensate a customer for the loss, they can decide not to compensate the loss if the loss was caused by a natural disaster like an earthquake, volcano etc. They can also decide not to compensate the customer if they discover that the property was deliberately destroyed. To avoid these problems it is advisable to have a dash cam in trucks because it will be easy to claim what belongs to you from insurance with the evidence of footage of the accident from the dash cam installed in the truck.
  • Ability to discover delinquency:- The dash cam can help discover crime in and out of the truck, it is important to note that trucks are mostly used for work and are used to convey valuable materials and hereby prone to being attacked by criminals so it is good to install dash cams that can discover crime in your truck. There are dash cams that work also as an alarm as it will make a sound when it discovers abnormal movement or acts around the truck. When a truck is stolen, it can be easily tracked because the video of the theft will be revealed and the police will be able to catch the criminal easily.
  • Ability to ensure parental control:- For parents who send their teenager kid errands with the truck, it is useful because parents find it difficult to know if the kid is behaving abnormally while driving the truck, teenagers tend to behave abnormally while given the liberty to drive a truck but with the aid of the dash cam the parent will be able to see how the kid is driving the truck and will be able to stop any form of misconduct by the kid as he knows he is being watched.
  • Ability to discover misconducts on the road and solving the problem:- When driving trucks on highways, accidents are caused by misconducts of drivers of other cars, when drivers overtake a truck at the wrong place, it can cause an accident, drunk drivers can just press the brakes anywhere on the road, so to avoid this it is better to report such drivers to the right authority to keep the road safe for everyone. The question is how will such drivers be recognized? With the help of the dash cam, the number plate of such drivers will be seen in the video footage recorded by the dash cam and the driver of such vehicle can be apprehended when reported.
  • Ability to record good moments:- When travelling on holidays or picnics in your truck, it is difficult to record the moment of the drive, but it has been made easy with the help of the dash cam to record such moment because the dash cam records everything that happens in the truck and the video can be easily be accessed in the future and watched at the pleasure of the trucker.
  • Ability to capture sudden and rare occurrences:- Truckers should be advised to install dash cams in their truck because it can capture moments that are rarely seen on video. Many things that are seen on video on the road are mostly captured by the dash cams in vehicles, an angel was allegedly captured by a dash cam of a truck in Austria, the short video showed a man riding his bike at around 80 kilometers per hour and he reached a junction at which he was about to hit by a running car, the man and his bike was teleported to a nearby safe place by the alleged angel within seconds, the video was investigated and it was discovered that the movement of the bike was impossible and it was miraculous. Another video was shot by a dash cam in Russia and something that seems impossible happened, meteors that were discovered to be from the space were caught on camera.

As the advantages of the dash cam in trucks are more than the disadvantages, the road will be a safer place if all truckers can have dash cams installed in their trucks for the benefits of all road users and truckers. Sites like talks more about dash cam and for more information visit