Buyers’ Guide To Best Truck GPS

Today, it is easier to find anyone, anywhere. Today, parents do not have to hesitate before sending their kids to somewhere far, when they have the live location of their child at all times. Today, people do not have to pull their cars over, every once in 15 minutes around the corner to ask for directions. Today, people do not have to sit on the roads before the traffic clears. Everything has changed today. Everything is changing, much faster than it had been, for better. GPS is a boon to the society. Now, one might ask what exactly a GPS is and why they need it, when they have been tackling all the above situations quite well enough from the past so many years. Read on below to find out.

What is GPS?

Short for Global Positioning System, a GPS is a satellite-based service that helps one pinpoint their location and travel from one place to another by being to see the roads that lie ahead, on a display. A GPS system makes use of three satellites to provide the location. This method of using three satellites simultaneously to accurately define a position is called Triangulation. GPS system’s satellites constantly click pictures from up above, and these pictures are used in making maps. The accuracy of these maps has been increasing over the years. When GPS was a standalone product, it was not all that popular. Later, Google incorporated the GPS in its smartphones with a default app called Maps, also known as Google Maps. This application can, as of today, give one their location, and directions to reach to their destination. It also has features to find the smallest route that does not have a lot of traffic. Basically, less time-consuming routes.

What is a GPS standalone system?

A standalone system is an individual product that cannot be incorporated into other devices. Using google maps is one way of saying that one is not using a standalone GPS device. A standalone system’s only purpose is what it is designed for in addition to some extra features that it can handle. This article is all about choosing the best truck GPS, standalone or not.

Does a car require a standalone GPS system?

Some companies do manufacture cars with built in GPS systems, so the driver does not have to use a smartphone. But most cars today do not come with built in GPS and moreover, do not require it. A smartphone GPS system is good enough for a car, but if there are any difficulties the driver comes across repeatedly that can be solved using a standalone GPS system’s features, they can always attach one to their dashboards. It is not a huge task to do that. A standalone GPS system can be installed in any vehicle, without much hassle and with the help of professionals.

What makes it necessary for a truck to have a GPS system installed?

Mostly, the size of a truck. Trucks are extremely bulky and difficult to carry on roads, not to mention if the roads are narrow the tediousness can get to a whole another level. This makes it difficult for the driver to anticipate and comprehend correctly how to take the right turns especially when the roads can be changing into one ways, two ways, anytime. Trucks also require GPS systems because the driver needs to know the routes beforehand, to make the transport or travel more efficient, thereby increasing the efficiency of the operations. Also, stopping a truck in the middle of the roads is just not convenient.

It can also deem itself highly beneficial when an entire fleet of trucks has to stay connected to themselves and their office, during the travel. Live location tracking can benefit the entire operation. A standalone GPS system comes with various sensors, and cameras to detect any obstruction (trees, buildings, road signs, road damages) much better than a normal phone GPS can.

What are the benefits that a standalone GPS system can add?

Not just the best truck GPS, but most of them can add these benefits to a driver’s controlling:

  1. Provide a larger display, up to 7 inches (not to mention, measured diagonally).
  2. Can help with setting multi destination routes. This will help the driver in not missing out on their “cannot miss to not visit” places.
  3. Will inform of the road warnings, if the road is going to be slightly rocky, or slippery, or of steep grade, etc. and will allow to make routes accordingly.
  4. Can give better accuracy over smartphones.
  5. Will provide weather updates of the upcoming towns, cities, villages and will inform the driver of all the conditions that lie ahead.
  6. Will inform of the damages that might occur to the truck’s roofing due to the stooping trees. These systems allow the driver to feed in the data of RV’s or the truck’s height, width, length.
  7. Will provide life time maps update.
  8. Will provide voice guides that do not just read the ever-confusing street names for directions, but guide using landmarks, buildings, traffic lights, etc. So, making the driver feel more confident of the turns.
  9. Will offer a feature called voice activation, that would let the driver command the GPS service using their voice, so they will not have to leave the steering every time they have to make some changes on the display.
  10. Provides preloaded Points of Interests (POIs) to easily and quickly find gas stations, restaurants, banks etc. They also have cameras to record videos and to sense the road signs and inform the drivers.

What should one check for before buying the GPS system?

To ensure that one has chosen the best truck GPS, these are some of the basic checks one can do:

  1. Check if the touch screen is responsive. That is, it does not delay in action once one has clicked something.
  2. Check if the system works fine around busy towns. Sometimes, some systems are extremely accurate on a highway but gets shaky around traffic.
  3. Check that the voice recognition feature is stable.
  4. Check that the GPS system is not very bulky.
  5. Check that the GPS comes with a mounting guide and can fit onto the truck’s dashboard.

In conclusion, the GPS systems are now getting better and more affordable. One can always buy them online for the right prices. Hope this article helped.