Facial cleansing to eliminate pimples

A smooth and imperfect skin is the desire of many women. To achieve this, it is necessary to have an adequate daily facial care and resort to treatments such as exfoliations, which help us to eliminate dead skin cells and keep it free of impurities. Facial treatment is one of the best ways to clean the deep layers of the skin and perform a complete cleaning, more thoroughly than we do on a daily basis, and can complement other treatments such as face masks. Although the skin regenerates naturally, an extra help can help us accelerate the process and achieve better results.

The best facial treatment

The truth is that there are several methods that we can use to perform an exfoliation. In the market, there are innumerable brands of gels and creams with exfoliating effect, which normally consist of a cream with granular particles that are responsible for removing the superficial layer of the skin and dragging the cells. The skin is the best friend of any person; it is a cover letter that will say a lot about hygiene or health. The skin protects you from external elements and will help you to be healthy and protected from possible infections. If you have a soft and smooth skin you may be delighted with your complexion, but what happens if you have a skin with pimples and pimples? Then most likely you want to get rid of these annoying guests as soon as possible.

How to clean the face to finish pimples and pimples

It is not necessary that you spend money on chemical products that spoil your facial skin, and of course, the feelings do not have to be an option either. Pimples and pimples can come out for many reasons, and hormones are often the cause. However, bacteria and dirt are also quite remarkable causes. Cleaning is undoubtedly an essential part of the routine of skin care and therefore you need to do a proper cleaning to get rid of the dead cells of the first layers of the skin as well as dirt, dust, makeup or bacteria, so the skin can breathe well.

Prepare your face for the fall with the facial treatment

With the arrival of autumn, time changes and we must face changes in temperature and habits that our body and skin must face. The health of the face suffers from these changes and can accelerate some problems such as wrinkles, spots or black spots, which we must control to deal adequately with the changes that the new season implies. Prepare your face for the fall with the best facials The end of summer supposes to finish with the vacations and to return to retake the customs of the daily life. This also includes our facial care routines, often abandoned during the holidays and that has also suffered greater wear during the summer due to the high temperatures and the effects of the sun.

Facial treatments to recover skin care at us

Therefore, when preparing for the facial treatment for the skin for autumn, the first thing we must do is palliate the effects of hours sunbathing: fat face, the appearance of spots or burns that disfigure our face can be controlled by performing some exfoliations or peeling soft that eliminate the superficial layers of the skin and with them these imperfections. So that our skin recovers to the maximum we must also make intensive masks to recover the hydration and stimulate with nutrients the production of collagen and elastin of the skin. In this way, we will not only repair the deficiencies that have occurred, but we will strengthen our defences in the face of time changes.

With the variations of temperature, humidity, wind … which implies the autumn, the key is to protect the skin well by daily facial cleansing that keeps it free of impurities and properly hydrated, differentiating well between the greasy and dry areas. By decreasing sun exposure we can also take advantage of the moment to perform some more aggressive treatments that are not recommended in the hot months.

  • Clean hands before you start. When you go to do a facial cleaning, it is necessary that you have your hands thoroughly cleaned by washing them first to eliminate the bacteria and dirt that they most likely have. Make sure you thoroughly remove the soap before cleaning your face, since soap can irritate the skin on your face.
  • Choose the best cleaner for you. It is necessary that you choose the best facial cleanser for the facial treatment according to your skin type and the season in which you find yourself. You will not be able to use the same cleanser in the summer as in the winter and you will have to know what you want to get with it: clean the face, remove makeup, clean pimples, remove sebum, etc.
  • Time is money. Many people use their cleaners too quickly to finish earlier and be able to do other things. Forget this, it is necessary to reduce the speed and allow the cleaner to work on your skin and in this way to control oil and sebum well. The cleaner that you have right for you and your type of skin will lift the dirt from the pores and it will take time to be able to remove all the dirt.
  • The rinsing of the face is just as important as facial treatment. The facial rinse is very important to be able to eliminate all the remains of the cleaner. Cleaners can leave residues on the skin that would prevent the moisturizer, for example, from doing a good job on your face afterwards. Do you want a good facial cleaning? Rinse your face with clean, warm water.
  • The algae can be good allies. There are products that sell facial cleansers and exfoliate with algae, and they say it really works. Would you prove it?