Find Your Ideal Home At Riverfront Residences Condo Township

A lot many times a thought comes to everyone’s mind, and that is about the one thing that they want to do in life. It could be anything from having an expensive car to a dream home. It is not only ambition that one associates such things to. Rather, such things are related to the spiritual aspect of one’s life. The satisfaction that comes with such dreams is immense. One such experience that people want to have in life is of living in a condominium that comes with all amenities required for a peaceful lifestyle. The riverfront residences condo is the best real estate company that leases and sells flats, houses, condominiums that are situated in locations having proximity to almost all basic amenities.

A Glance at the Riverfront Residences Township

The riverfront residences are almost a century old leasehold development that was formed with a joint venture of many real estate companies. The partner companies are KSH development, Oxley holdings, Lien Beng Group, and the Apricot Capital. The township received a lot of interest from customers as it is located at one of the best locations in Houhang. The site is in proximity to hospital, shopping mall, church, school, bus station, railway station and the nearest airport is also an hour’s drive from the dwelling. The riverfront residences condo is the best residential facility one can dream.

Riverfront Residences Condo is the perfect place for your dream home

The dream of any family is to have a home which is modern, stylish, and safe with a clean environment and is centrally located. The riverfront residences offer you all these basic necessities and much more. The township has its own powerhouse and water resource which generates electricity and clean water for the whole township. There are solar panels too installed on buildings that help conserve energy and provide an alternative power option in case of power failure. The facility also has its own car service that helps in commuting within the township and is managed by the township committee. The township is guarded by the best private security agency that is equipped to control any threat that might occur thus, keeping its residents safe.

An Insight into the Sight Plan of Riverfront Residences Site Plan

The site plan has been divided for all types of customers ranging from people looking for residential homes, commercial sites, hospitals, schools and offices. Some of the plans are:

  • The Mall site plan: the site plan for malls has been developed in a way that it stands tall in front of the famous Sungei Seragoon area. The environment is tranquil and full of greenery that qualifies as the perfect space for setting up a mall
  • The facilities and amenities site plan: the amenities are schools, hospitals, local market, corporate offices, commercial complexes, restaurants and government offices. All modes of transportation such as bus stations, railway stations, and airport is also located nearby

Residential Options Offered by the Riverfront Residences Condo

There are many options that customers can choose from are:

  • Flats: the flats that have been designed are spacious and come with the state of art facility. The flats overlook the riverbank and provide a serene morning view to the residents. They are offered in 3 BHK and 4 BHK options
  • Mansions: the mansions are built in a gated community and have both indoor and outdoor sports facilities within the community premises. The mansions also have a garden and a big backyard. The mansions also have an indoor swimming pool which comes with water heating technology. They have King size bedrooms, spacious living room, open kitchens, garage and even servant quarters

The Pricing Policy of Riverfront Residences Condo

The prices of houses, stores and other buildings differ on the basis of location, infrastructure and facilities that customers might be interested in. The houses are available in various payment options and the customers can also avail loans from partner financial institutions at low interest rates. The prices decided by riverfront residences condo are lower when compared to the other competitors in the market. The price package also covers repairing and maintenance costs that may be incurred in future, so as to reduce the financial burden on customers. The group also offers free consultation to people who might be interested in making a booking.

So, just go ahead and book your dream home now in riverfront residences.