Plan A Trip To The Czech Republic And Explore The Vast Country Roads

Next on your travel list: the Czech Republic

European countries are well known around the world for the culture, heritage and tradition but at the same time, their flare for modernism and being in touch with new trends, ideas and innovation. Czech Republic is one of the many countries to showcase the same combinations of old and new, with the capital in the city of Prague. It has a plethora of perfectly intact and well preserved medieval cities as well as modern architecture, co-existing in a perfect blend within the small country’s confines. The country is the most famous for giving artists, poets, authors, and many more prominent men and women to the world, especially in the era of romanticism and literature. Franz Kafka and Frank Gehry were the most popular people to come out of Czech, who maintained a conservative way of implementing their skills in a more modern background of art and poetry. This is the true essence of the country, which even today serves as an exemplary amalgamation of tradition and modernism. With just one vakantie Tsjechië, you would be able to experience the magic first hand.

What is the Czech Republic most known for?

Prague, the capital city of the Czech, is the highest revenue generating hub of the country with the tourism sector garnering high and frequent influxes of money. The country also is characterised by a rich and vibrant history made up of cultural movements, influences of the Renaissance and inspiration from the strong kingdoms that have long existed around it, like the Roman Empire, the French, the Spanish and the Portugese. The Republic has been an outcome of cessation or splitting of one country, Czechoslovakia, into two offspring countries namely Czech Republic and Slovakia. It has seen some prominent events in history unfold on its land for several thousands of years which has given birth to many museums and inspired architecture throughout the terrain of the country. Some of the most prominent tourist attractions in the Republic are:


Undoubtedly, the entire capital city of Prague is specked with a thousand tourist attractions scattered from the urban settlements to the countryside. Pragian architecture can be recognised from miles away for being sophisticated, detailed and yet edgy and modern. It is still intact in terms of it medieval structures and settlements as the city looks like it has not been touched since the Renaissance. It is pristine yet developed enough to cater to the employment needs of its people and is actually pretty industrialised for a conservative town. It has 14th and 15thcentury attractions such as the Charles Bridge in something known as Old Town, which would be a mandatory place to visit in any vakantie Tsjechië. Prague is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and is gaining popularity by the minute in the traveller’s club.


The entire country is replete with one or the other stark and stellar structures all over the terrain. The entire Old Town region has been recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site by the United Nations which is a step forward for the entire country in the tourism sector. The Cesky Krumlov is also a heritage destination with the same pristine architecture as it was in the middle ages. This seems to be a recurrent theme for the entire country: the feeling that it has never been tampered with by industries and urbanisation but still has held up a stable and steadily improving economic growth.


Being home to many eminent artists and linguists that have carved out a niche in the world, Czech is a central location for post modern romanticism and artistic prowess. It is specked with many museums and galleries way ahead of its time. These venues constitute an important part of anyone’s vakantie Tsjechië if planned well. Even the people here are fond of art and very invested in literature, as these educational degrees are also one of the most popular courses in the country.


Interestingly, the people in Czech Republic believe very firmly in their rich leisure culture and they love to just pass time doing nothing! Spas and other luxury services are a big hit in the country, with a city called Karlovy Vary being the largest Spa town in all of Europe. It is very popular to earn revenue through hot springs, grand hotels and a notoriously rich casino and gambling culture. A very striking spot of tourism is the town of Pilsen, where the pilsner beer was invented and the entire town still churns out old, traditional beer. The factories there have not been changed by the new industries that have come up in the adjoining areas, which is a beautiful site to see in itself.

How to get around in the Czech Republic?

A tourist in the Republic has a tonne of options to get around in the country and to explore the small towns as well and experience its culture. Generally, people will count on their travel agents to take them around the place to only the most popular tourist attractions, which is the most generic thing to do on a vakantie Tsjechië. But a lot of people have opined that the best way to get around the country is to hire a car.

Hiring a car to yourself would be a great investment as it would give you a lot of freedom to get around and explore. You would not have to plan your trip in an unknown country based on local timings of the buses, trains or travel agents. You can plan your own flexible itinerary with a vehicle to get around in. Moreover, the best highlights about going to a foreign country are exploring the small and untouched cities hidden away in the nooks and corners. So, go ahead and book yourself a car on your next vakantie Tsjechië and get exploring!