Tools to track SEO positions

There are several tools that allow you to complement your SEO strategy by monitoring the SEO positions that your website reaches, as well as knowing which keywords are indexing for which URLs of your site. Keep track of your SERP position!


This tool essentially what it does is that it tracks and selects the search results, yielding the statistics of the 20 websites that are in the top positions. The tool does this on a regular basis and shows you the data in simple graphics in an easy to digest format. In addition, not only does that, but it has several metrics providers available ((Moz, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Majestic, etc.) that allow you to do a thorough analysis of the results and better understand what is happening. What distinguishes SERPWoo from other tools is that it allows you not only to track your campaigns but to see what others are doing, so it is now possible to locate new competitors, evaluate their statistics and understand the strategies they put in place to scale up the top of the SERP. Another advantage of the tool is that it alerts you when these new market participants appear on the map. Next, we will review some of the advantages and characteristics of the tool to keep track of your SERP position.

To keep track of your SERP position is ideal for ORM (Online reputation management): This tool is ideal for those who are dedicated to the management of online customer reputation. You can program the tool to be notified as soon as a new result is generated in a scheduled search, which allows you to keep an eye on each of the brands you manage. Thanks to the tool you can convert your negative and positive labels into visible results. Locating local competitors: It is not very efficient to have to check your mobile every time to find new competitors. SERPwoo allows you to set an alarm to announce when new competitors enter your radar. Another advantage is that it allows you to segment the information by local results, by region, zip code or city.

The tool also allows detecting “parasites” that are dominating or starting within a niche so you can take advantage of them before your competitors do to keep track of your SERP position.

Among other features SERPWoo allows you to:

  • Archive and view historical results of your SEO positions.
  • Automatic alerts
  • Automatic alerts – Monitoring tools
  • Algorithms and filters that give you a more powerful vision of the SERP.
  • Metrics and third-party tools that are updated frequently according to market trends.
  • Export data to XLS or CVS formats and PDF reports

Now let’s review a tool. SEOBOX application that offers different analytical and measurement modules useful for SEO! This tool differs from the others because it is the only one that has a hardware device that is key in the operation of the application. The device basically tracks the navigation information of the community that owns them and in this way yields very precise local results. In this sense, as stated on the SEOBOX website ” Unlike other types of position ranking programs, by having our own network of users distributed throughout the country, the community is continuously monitoring the positions of your web projects, so that as soon as you log in, you can view the positions at a glance, which words have improved, worsened, in which cities you get better positions and export reports to file them or make them known to your clients.”

Now, once we have introduced the tool we are going to what interests us, the tracking of the keywords. SEOBOX has an application called RankBox that lets you know the position of your keywords in Google. With a very simple interface to manage, the tool allows you to see the keyword that you have defined for a specific project, the position that occupies (current/previous) the page that you are positioning with them and the search volume of those words.

Among the benefits of this tool we have:

  • Speed: unlike the other tools, it allows you to rank more than 100 words in less than 5 minutes.
  • Exact location: Another advantage is that the tool uses local IPs which guarantees accuracy in the location of searches.
  • Evolution of the keyword in time: Thanks to the simple visualization of the evolution of the word in time you can know if the strategies you have applied have worked or not.

Evolution keyword – Monitoring tools

  • Custom Reports: The title speaks for itself, you can place your logo and adjust the information to the format you want to make reports.
  • The position of Youtube videos: As Google now shows some Youtube videos in the results tray, it is important to monitor the location of your video publications.
  • This is a tool that is still in the process of growth but promises, especially when it comes to geo-localization.


This is another tool that allows you to review the rankings of different keywords. The information in this application is not only quick and easy to collect, but it can be viewed from any device with internet access, which makes it very useful and convenient. Another advantage of the tool is that it does not need the user to administer the proxies, this is done automatically. Let’s review what the highlights of the tool are so that to keep tracks of your SERP position:

  • Sophisticated graphics and powerful notes: SerpBook offers you a history of words that allows you and your client to see how your keyword has progressed over the days or weeks.
  • Free reports in PDF or Excel: allows you to customize your reports to fit your needs and have the image you require. Additionally, you can schedule reports for you and your clients.
  • It allows organizing the words in categories which allows a simpler tracking of the words.
  • Sending instant notifications if you have detected any rise or fall in your keyword.