Tracking pixel for targeted lead generation

Leveraging data to get access to customers is no child’s play at all. You may have access to tons of data in front of you and yet not be able to get a single customer, while your rival may be able to turn around its company by having handful of data. Where does the difference lie? Is it in the way both the companies work? Or is it in the data? The answer is both. The kind of data that you work on matters a lot and can make or mar the lead generation efforts. Tracking pixel can help you in this regard.

What is bad data?

The data that you get from various sources may or may not be useful. Targeted data is the only thing that can be leveraged, whereas inaccurate data can mislead your efforts. The accurate data helps you in three ways.

  • Prioritizing the customers
  • Improving engagement
  • Boosting revenues

The use of good data helps in various ways. You can create an audience for a lifetime without continuous huge investments in tapping the market, increase conversion rates and have a targeted lead generation. Tracking pixel helps to achieve this and therefore get lower CPL (costs per lead) and CPS (cost per sale).

How will you benefit?

The benefits of using the good data can be easily guessed now. Let us still have a brief look.

  • You will be able to create a lookalike audience for your content based on the conversion events.
  • This will help you reach new customers, the ones who share common characteristics with your present customers and are interested in your products.
  • These new customers will bring further more customers and can help boost revenues along with decreasing cost-per-sale and CPL.
  • You can also retain your existing customers and regain the lost customers who git disengaged with your business, by using tracking pixel.

How to get the tracking pixel?

The process of getting the tracking pixel is quite easy. You can install pixels right from Google, Facebook and Pinterest on the website that you run. This can help you to collect data about visitors and customers, which will further help you devise mechanisms and marketing campaigns to engage with the existing customers and attract new ones too. Getting the pixels can help you to boost lead generation to get hold over the market base that is important for your business and to retain them too.

What does Sales Funnel look like?

The sales funnel describes the 5 aspects on which we usually falter as businesses in attempts to tap into market.

  • Awareness: This implies the inability of companies to reach out to customers and the inability to get data from them.
  • Interest: This shows the inability to reach the interested users and incapability of identifying the interested visitors
  • Evaluation: This phase is entered by a company which cannot reach or identify users during the evaluation period.
  • Decision: If a company is unable to find behavioral data about users which can be of utmost importance to the company or if a company is unable to compel thee users to an action, then the decision crisis happens.
  • Action: When companies cannot compile the data that they have collected or cannot interpret the data to leverage it to company’s benefit, then action crisis is said to have happened.

A company usually starts falling from Awareness phase and drops down to Action phase if no action is taken. This results in a total failure of efforts put by a company. This is exactly why tracking pixel is needed to turn things around. Tracking pixel can help in reaching out to the very customers who can drive sales for us.

The way forward

The game of generating leads is not as easy as it sounds or as it is written on paper. Practice of targeted lead generation is quite an arduous task and only the experts could do it earlier. Now, with tracking pixel methods, the process has eased quite a bit. If your company needs a fresh lease of life and if you think targeted marketing can help, then take the help of tracking pixel to get things rolling for you. Your rival is certainly leveraging this, what is stopping you?