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Marketing automation or marketing automation is the use of computer software to perform marketing actions in an automated way. Thanks to this, the company can perform processes that would naturally be difficult and achieve more efficiency and greater control over them. For this the Ubot Studio Tutorials is the best!

What is marketing automation or marketing automation – Ubot Studio Tutorials?

Marketing automation is a part of inbound marketing that involves the use of computer software to perform marketing actions in an automated way. Thanks to the implementation Ubot Studio Tutorials for marketing automation, a series of advantages are obtained, among which are:

  • It allows developing complex marketing processes that, naturally, would be difficult or could not be done.
  • It provides more efficiency and reduces personnel costs and time.
  • The company achieves greater control over marketing actions and, in addition, can closely monitor its impact.
  • It allows designing processes of education and automatic maturation of a database (lead nurturing). Thanks to marketing automation, the email and the right content are delivered to the right user at the right time.
  • It also allows you to automatically detect the records that are most prepared to receive a commercial offer taking into account your profile and behaviour with the company (lead scoring by Ubot Studio Tutorials).

Thus, as examples of automation by Ubot Studio Tutorials is important to mention the nutrition of leads or lead nurturing (chains of emails that are sent automatically after visitors to a site carry out a specific action) and lead scoring (lead qualification) , procedure by which is evaluated at which stage of the purchase process is each lead that appears in the database of the company. These two procedures are essential to convey to users the benefits that can be provided by the product or service offered by the company and brings them closer to the purchase.

However, the automation of marketing does not end here: it also has application in other areas of marketing and loyalty. In addition to the automatic education and maturation of a database, we also see it applied in the on-boarding process of software applications, in order that the user can understand the application’s operation, or that he does not leave to use it

Historical evolution and current context

Marketing departments that are set by Ubot Studio Tutorials have undergone a process of modernization in the last 25 years, especially since the appearance of the first search engines on the Internet, in the mid-1990s. A scenario in which the analogue gives ground and in which each more resources and media technological cutting appear, such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc.

In this context, the need arises to have marketing campaign planning tools, as well as the optimal technology to be able to manage them correctly. This includes the most diverse tools, which allow carrying out all the actions of a digital marketing campaign, for example: sending emails, managing web pages, creating segmented lists or tools that allow unifying the management of all the social profiles.

On the other hand, Ubot Studio Tutorials must not lose sight of the fact that, in recent years, there has been a great compaction of the market, in which more and more companies are launching to market their own software products. Since 2011, the number of software and companies dedicated to digital marketing has doubled every year. Of the 150 companies existing in 2011, it has grown to around 3,900 in 2016.

As an illustrative case, it is enough to remember that inbound marketing was born in 2005 by the company HubSpot. Therefore, this discipline presents in its DNA an undeniable technological base, called to streamline the day to day of various online marketing operations.Likewise, in inbound marketing, a conglomerate of very varied marketing methods and techniques converges: managing a website, creating online content, SEO, mailings, social network management, web analytics, etc.

This is precisely one of the great goals that inspired the emergence of inbound marketing: integrate all these techniques into a single technology, since it is very complicated to use a specific tool for each task. Therefore, inbound marketing cannot be understood without taking marketing automation into consideration. In any case, it should be emphasized that these two concepts are not exactly the same. Automation is just one part of inbound marketing.

Applications of marketing automation

  • Engagement with the product.
  • Automation of repetitive marketing processes.
  1. Engagement with the product

It has to do with the interest aroused by the commercial offer of a company in current or potential customers. It is managed by two techniques:

Sending emails and interactions via Ubot Studio Tutorials: This is one of the most effective methods to publicize a product or service among contacts in a database or keep the interest in them alive. With the automation of marketing, this process undergoes a substantial change: now, emailing campaigns are launched automatically when the user complies with a series of characteristics related to their profile and behaviour with the company. Therefore, the company can have dozens of campaigns that work simultaneously.

While these campaigns also have to be designed, they do not have a moment of completion, unlike conventional emailing actions, with which they can extend their relationship with the client.

Re-engagement: It consists of capturing the attention and interest of the user automatically after a period of inactivity or without interaction occurs. When it is detected that user has a specific time without using a product.

  1. Automation of repetitive marketing processes

This utility of automation is key for the marketing department while offering additional advantages: the end user does not perceive that this process is not carried out naturally and the work is more efficient since it saves money time and resources in the execution of recurring tasks.

You can have the following applications:

Changing the properties of user profiles with help of Ubot Studio Tutorials:

A change of ownership can be automatically implemented to a large volume of database leads. For example, a property can be assigned to all contacts in the database through a workflow.